S&P Global Forecast: Saudi Government Assets Stand Firm Through Vision 2030

S&P Global Forecast Saudi Government Assets Stand Firm Through Vision 2030

A recent analysis of S&P Global indicated the stability, and robustness of Saudi Government assets through vision 2030. The Saudi Government’s asset aims to remain steadfast into the next decade. The commitment of the Saudi government is to enhance efficiency, accountability, and resilience through prudent financial management and structural reforms.

The assets of the Saudi Government are forecasted to remain strong for economic diversification and reducing the dependency on oil. As S&P Global is concerned about alleviating the debt issuance which may pressure Saudi Arabia’s assets. As per the report, Saudi Arabia’s sovereign aims to bolster Vision 2030 through investing $40 billion annually.

Crucial Role of Banking Sector in Vision 2030

S&P Global also demonstrates that merely domestic banks cannot accommodate the financing needs of Vision 2030. While domestic banks still played a significant role in funding public and corporate sectors. Saudi Bank also raised additional funding to meet the credit demands. Bank may provide $40 to $44 billion in the finance sector. Additionally, this fund could be used in Vision 2030.

During this month the strong assets of Saudi banks highlight the robust condition of banks. Moreover, the Saudi government and other entities that are linked with the government are expected to bolster credit growth. Saudi Arabia aims to diversify the economy in Vision 2030 to build a vibrant, sustainable, and resilient economy.

Aim of Private and Government Sector Collaboration

Private and government sector partnership also aims to boost the economy of the country. Additionally, it aims to support the Kingdom to achieve the vision of 2030. Kingdom also promotes the entrepreneurial ecosystem for firm assets.


S&P Global is estimated to strengthen the Kingdom in Vision 2030 for economic diversification, sustainability, and resilience. Saudi Arabia is also positioned to face the hurdles of the economic landscape.

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