Driving Sustainable Development: Riyadh Infrastructure Project Center Groundbreaking First License

Driving Sustainable Development Riyadh Infrastructure Project Center Groundbreaking First License

Riyadh Infrastructure Projects Center has granted its first license, a ground-breaking step that will accelerate sustainable development in the area. Moreover, this historic move demonstrates the center’s dedication to building a future. In which social responsibility, environmental protection, and economic progress coexist together. Additionally, With the granting of its first project license by the Riyadh Infrastructure Projects Center. Certainly, the capital city of Saudi Arabia is ready for a revolutionary stage of integrated planning and sustainable infrastructure development.

Delve into Details

With the recent transfer of licensing duties to the center, this milestone signifies a substantial move in the direction of comprehensive planning and sustainable infrastructure expansion for the area. The center recently announced that on June 10, a nine-day license for utility connection excavations was issued. This marks the start of a phased approach to license issuing that is intended to efficiently meet market demands.

Vice president of operations at RIPC Tariq bin Mohammed Al-Harbi stressed that licenses will be issued gradually. Moreover, to guarantee effective market responsiveness. According to the Saudi Press Agency, he emphasized the center’s dedication to increasing productivity. Moreover, streamlining procedures using direct electronic connections with pertinent authorities, enables immediate data verification.

Al-Harbi listed the center’s several goals, which include developing strategic alliances, encouraging stakeholder participation, and improving the effectiveness of infrastructure project planning and implementation. He also emphasized the center’s goal of reviving urban areas to raise resident and citizen happiness. Al-Harbi also emphasized continuing initiatives to ensure conformity with international standards by standardizing permission and licensing processes and digitizing project plans and information.

RIPC Goals

The goals of RIPC, which was established in July 2023 by a decree from the Council of Ministers, are to forward infrastructure projects, maximize spending, improve quality of life, and encourage sustainable urban growth. The RIPC board of directors is presided over by Riyadh Mayor Faisal bin Abdulaziz bin Ayyaf and includes members of important commissions and ministries.

Through several programs and efforts, Saudi Arabia is dedicated to making Riyadh a global leader in sustainability. By putting sustainable business ideas into practice, this initiative aims to improve the province’s infrastructure projects’ quality. This will improve people’s quality of life, lessen visual pollution, and increase the efficiency of spending. Moreover, all in keeping with Vision 2030’s goals.

MFD Business Solutions Perspective

The infrastructure project launched aims at boosting the economy and promoting economic dynamism. The focus is on sustainable growth and creating more opportunities in the Kingdom. MFD Business Solutions provides its services to support SMEs and SMBs. For further queries visit our LinkedIn account.


A big step in the direction of a sustainable future has been taken with the Riyadh Infrastructure Projects Center’s issue of the first license. It displays an all-encompassing strategy for development that emphasizes social welfare, economic dynamism, and environmental health. The focus on sustainable development will guarantee that Riyadh stays a flourishing, resilient, and dynamic metropolis for future generations as the city expands and changes.

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