VENDOR REGISTRATION (ARAMCO / SABIC): partnering with champions.


Navigating Vendor Registration in a Simplified Landscape

Embark on a hassle-free journey of vendor registration with MFD Business Solutions. Our expert services guide you through the intricacies of the process, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards. From document preparation to verification support, we streamline the entire vendor registration process, allowing your business to supply goods and services seamlessly to government agencies or private entities. Trust MFD to simplify complexities and open doors to procurement opportunities, fostering transparent and compliant business operations in the global market.

Comprehensive Vendor Registration Solutions

Tailored Documentation Assistance

Simplify the paperwork with MFD's guidance. We assist in gathering and organizing necessary documentation, ensuring completeness and accuracy.

Ethical Compliance Assurance

Uphold ethical standards in your business practices. MFD ensures vendors align with the code of conduct requirements, reinforcing credibility in the registration process.

Streamlined Approval Process

Expedite approvals with MFD. Leveraging our experience, we ensure all documents meet specified criteria, facilitating quicker approvals.

Additional Documentation Support

Strengthen your application with supplementary documentation. MFD provides guidance on additional documents, such as purchase orders and distributor letters.

Vendor Registration Excellence with MFD

Zakat Filing Process ​

Navigating Government Entities

Understand the nuances of vendor registration with key government entities. MFD guides you through the Ministry of Investment, Saudi Public Procurement Authority, and Local Content Government Procurement Authority, ensuring a clear path for your business in the registration process.

Building Trust Through Transparency​​

Private Sector Engagement

Engage with private sector entities seamlessly. From construction companies to telecommunications corporations, MFD navigates vendor registration for diverse industries. Ensure your business aligns with industry giants like Saudi Aramco Group and Sabic.

Your Vendor Registration Journey Starts Here

Ready to streamline your vendor registration process? Contact MFD Business Solutions today to book an appointment. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through every step, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient vendor registration journey tailored to your business needs.



Vendor registration opens doors to procurement opportunities, ensures transparency and compliance, facilitates foreign investment, and contributes to economic growth.

 MFD offers comprehensive documentation assistance, ethical compliance assurance, streamlined approval processes, and additional documentation support to simplify and expedite vendor registration.

 Key entities include the Ministry of Investment, Saudi Public Procurement Authority, Local Content Government Procurement Authority, and various other ministries and government bodies.

MFD navigates vendor registration for construction companies, telecommunications corporations, healthcare providers, financial institutions, retail chains, and manufacturing companies, ensuring seamless engagement with private sector entities.

 Necessary documents include the Commercial Registration Certificate, Tax Certificate, Valid Trade License, Financial Statements, Clearance Certificates, Ownership Documents, and Bank Statements. MFD provides expert guidance on gathering and organizing these documents.

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